I wish I could tell you that I was wielding a SLR camera since I was barely out of nappies, but thats not really true. Someone gave me a Kodak bit of plastic when I was six and only managed to take some ugly up-the-nose portraits of my family (my Dad tells me I've improved a little since then).

I grew up in Hong Kong but eleven years ago I moved to London with Tom, my much better half and it's definitely become home. It's electric, full of character and it's one of my biggest sources of inspiration. Got a London wedding for me? Awesome.


So, this is me - a full-time photographer based in London, though I'm often found further afield taking photographs of people and places around the world. A few years ago I had a desk job in the City, but it was never really me. I then thought about doing a whole host of other office jobs, but they weren't really me either. Photography is definitely me!

Whether it's a wedding, a fashion shoot, or a lifestyle shoot, my one goal is always the same: to show that person or event in the most beautiful light that I can.

As much as I love having a play with the latest photography gadgets, I try to keep my style simple and gimmick-free. If you're a fan of superimposed backgrounds and selective colouring, I might not be the photographer for you! Photographs last forever, and for me, the best kind of photo is one that looks timeless.